Benefits of canva

Benefits of Canva

There’s lots to love about Canva

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool, and an Australian start-up with a mission statement to ‘empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere’.

Benefits of Canva – If you’re interested in business branding, but don’t fancy spending money on Photoshop or other expensive graphic design software, you should take a look at Canva –  and here’s why:

Canva is fabulous and free

There’s lots to love about Canva but having a free version would have to take the cake. Although there’s limited access with the free version, you can certainly get by – creating, downloading and posting your designs – with ease. Upgrading to CanvaPro provides additional features, which may be desirable for more frequent users.

Canva is easy like a Sunday mornin’

Canva’s other mantra is to ‘make complex things simple’ and they certainly have. The graphic design platform is user-friendly with a drag-and-drop interface, so that beginners can navigate easily – no fiddling around with tricky software.

Whether you’re editing photos or videos, creating a social media banner, or crafting an e-newsletter, using Canva is an intuitive process, with much guidance and support available along the way.

Canva is full of features

Canva has an impressive suite of features and these are some of the standouts:

  • Tonnes of templates (More than 250,000 in fact). If you’re not confident or interested in creating from an entirely blank canvas, Canva’s templates can be customised to your taste and will guide your creativity.
  • Stock images. There are hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics at your perusal, which means you don’t have to leave the site to look for anything.
  • Dreamy designs. The thing about Canva is that everything, from the fonts to the templates, is deliciously well-designed.

Benefits of Canva: it could make your life better

Besides being free, easy-to-use and full of features, Canva is a source of inspiration that helps you to channel your inner graphic designer. There are so many benefits of canva.

If you’re working with a tight budget, aren’t interested in outsourcing, or want to try your hand at visual design, then Canva could be a great fit for you.

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