Best Australian Logos

Best Australian Logos: Business Logo Inspiration

If you are asked what are the best Australian logos, what comes to mind and why?

It is no secret that competition in the business world is fierce. And, one way to stand out from the competition is by having a unique, distinctive and inspiring Australian business logo. A business logo that people are unlikely to forget.

Best Australian Business Logos

A great logo is many things but most of all it is memorable. When searching for inspiration for your business logo, look no further than these well-renowned and much-loved Australian business logos.


When you think of the best Australian logos, the Qantas logo likely comes to mind; iconic, red, flying kangaroo. It’s quintessential Australiana and a comforting sight to spot in the sky for any travelling Aussie.

Australia Post

The capital ‘P’ for the post actually incorporates the image of a postal horn. The bright red was historically associated with Commonwealth Service, and was chosen as the most appropriate company colour for this very reason. 


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation business logo brings together an acronym and abstract shape, designed around the waveform of electronic signals. It appears strong yet fluid and is one of the best Australian logos that is easily recognisable. 


Kathmandu caters to all things outdoors, so it’s no surprise that the store’s business logo features a mountain, green hues and speaks directly to its target audience – adventure lovers. With a big chunk of sales coming from the brand’s own products, the logo needed to work on clothing too.

Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank’s recognisable, shiny, yellow diamond signals optimism and brighter futures. While the bank’s logo had a couple of facelifts over the past few decades, the iconic diamond has held strong, becoming a defining symbol for the brand and one the best Australian logos.


Vegemite is synonymous with Australian culture and its business logo is somewhat of a heritage product itself. The red in the colour palette is attention grabbing, while the yellow may well be a nod to all the ‘happy little Vegemite’ folk out there or maybe the sunny Aussie climate.

Best Australian Business Logos

Each of these Australian business logos share a few things in common; they are simple, meaningful, and aligned with their brand’s philosophy. Many of these business logos have proved that they can evolve through the times, which is another thing to keep in mind. If you stick to these golden rules your business logo is sure to be a success too.


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