Branding for small businesses

Small Businesses Branding on a Budget

The value of business branding cannot be emphasised enough, especially when it comes to small businesses.  When you’re starting out, scraping together enough coins to cover branding can seem like a stretch, however it’s definitely worth bending the budget for.  A new business is like a blank canvas; you need to paint a picture for

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Benefits of canva

Benefits of Canva

There’s lots to love about Canva Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool, and an Australian start-up with a mission statement to ‘empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere’. Benefits of Canva – If you’re interested in business branding, but don’t fancy spending money on Photoshop or

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Best Australian Logos

Best Australian Logos: Business Logo Inspiration

If you are asked what are the best Australian logos, what comes to mind and why? It is no secret that competition in the business world is fierce. And, one way to stand out from the competition is by having a unique, distinctive and inspiring Australian business logo. A business logo that people are unlikely

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Picking the perfect name for your business baby

Choosing the right name for your business baby is an important decision. Some might say that the success of your venture depends on it. (No pressure!) It is, after all, a customer or client’s first impression – creating an image and capturing the essence of what your biz’ is all about.  While you’re not exactly

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The Art of Visually Representing Your Personal Brand

The first aspect of personal branding is having a clear understanding of who you are, what you do, and how you help others.  Once you’ve defined this, and picked the right business name, you’ll need to visually represent all that you are and all that you stand for.  The following tips will help you to

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Why You Should Register a Trade Mark

Registering for a trade mark is a critical step to running a business successfully. Although technically an optional procedure, registering for a trade mark is highly recommended for businesses as it is a legal form of brand protection. There are many benefits and reasons why you should register for a trade mark, and we’ll cover

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