Picking the perfect name for your business baby

Choosing the right name for your business baby is an important decision. Some might say that the success of your venture depends on it. (No pressure!) It is, after all, a customer or client’s first impression – creating an image and capturing the essence of what your biz’ is all about. 

While you’re not exactly naming your firstborn, it can be a daunting task nonetheless. 

Here are some top tips to ensure you select the right name for your precious bundle of business joy. 

Do Your Business Name Research

Check the basics first – is the name available to be registered, has it been trademarked, and is the domain free? 

You can check the Australian Business Name Registration Service website here.

Then, do some more legwork:

  • Research your competitors and steer clear of anything too similar. 
  • If your business is international, look up the translation in other languages. 

Avoid a fail like Ford’s; the car dealership released a new vehicle model in Brazil named ‘pinto’, which translates to tiny male genitals. 

Business Names: Keep it Simple

  • The name should be easy to read, hear, say and remember.  
  • Anything too long could cause a headache, especially when you’re spelling your email address on the phone, typing your web address, or trying to adopt a social media handle. 
  • You need a name that sticks (and for the right reasons). Make sure it evokes positive connotations. 

Use a Business Name Generator

If you’re searching for inspiration try using a free online tool called a business name generator, which will spit out a huge list of business name suggestions in seconds. 

You might not find the perfect business name, but you’ll certainly get some fresh ideas to work from. 

Keep in Mind

  • Acronyms can work for established brands but lack meaning otherwise. It’s also likely that a number of other businesses will share the same abbreviation. 
  • Although creating a catchy new word can work – take Uber, Google, or Twitter for example – it requires a tonne of marketing muscle to build the brand, which can be costlier.

Think ahead

  • A business name should be scalable – ready for potential growth and expansion. This means geographical or product-based names will be limiting choices. 
  • Unless you have a renowned profile, using your name will be meaningless to anyone who doesn’t know you personally, and could also make it harder to sell your business in the future. 

Picked the perfect name?

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, be sure to test run your proposed business names with your friends and family, but most importantly your target audience, for feedback. 


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