Why You Should Register a Trade Mark

Registering for a trade mark is a critical step to running a business successfully. Although technically an optional procedure, registering for a trade mark is highly recommended for businesses as it is a legal form of brand protection. There are many benefits and reasons why you should register for a trade mark, and we’ll cover them all in this blog for you!

Provides you with exclusive rights

A registered trade mark will provide your business with exclusive rights to use, license and sell the mark. Common types of trade marks you can register for include:

  • Business names
  • Corporate logos
  • Tunes used in audio advertisements
  • Pictures
  • Aspects of packaging

After registering a trade mark for any of the above, your business will be the only one permitted to use the marks as pleased in your registered domain (domestically or internationally). Having exclusive rights to a trade mark will also make it easier for you to take legal action to prevent others from misusing it.

Automatically promotes your brand

A trade-marked name, product or logo will automatically act as a marketing tool for your business, as it ensures aspects of your business remain unique and available for use only for your business. Having a unique trade mark is also valuable in helping your customers identify your business more easily.

Businesses can also produce a trade mark to promote the goods and services by adding a ™ to product labels for a more professional look. Registering for a trade mark will also grant your business with an ® symbol to protect your intellectual property and allow fellow industry professionals to recognise and respect you, your products and services. Trade marks will hence promote your brand to both potential customers and other businesses.

Ensures brand protection

The most common reason behind trade mark registration for businesses is brand protection. Registering for a trade mark ensures your brand is protected and amongst Australia’s 2.3 million actively trading businesses, and millions more internationally . The most accessible and common way to make sure aspects of your brand (whether it be business names, product names or packaging) remain unique from the billions around the world is to register for a trade mark.

As explored above, there are many valid reasons why you should register a trade mark for your business. Brand protection is extremely important when it comes to running a business successfully, and the best way to guarantee it is to register for a trade mark.

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